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21. October 2014



The Star Wars one: Where the conflict might be on a galactic scale but everything is ultimately decided in a duel between two people with opposing ideologies

The Star Trek one : Where conflict is resolved through  diplomacy and finding common ground

The Stargate one : Where you kill your enemy, you blow up his ship, you blow his planet, your blow up his solar system and you make sure you wipe out his entire species from the galaxy*

*should you find his species in another galaxy repeat the process until you achieve complete extermination

The Pacific Rim one: Where humanity bands together to build giant fucking robots to smash the invading aliens to bits.


Oh my god it’s the fucking line.




reminder that if we’re in a mutual and you’re under the age of 18 and find it creepy or weird that i’m following you back as an adult then let me know and i’ll unfollow and it won’t need to be a big deal at all… like, please put your own safety and wellbeing first 

Agreed. I’m 44, and I’m a teacher. And if my following you on Tumblr makes you uncomfortable, please send me a fanmail and I’ll unfollow you post-haste.   

A blog should be safe space, no matter the platform, and it’s part of the reason I don’t generally send messages to folks; if you want to talk with me, it’s up to you to initiate contact. And likewise, if you want me to cease and desist, please ask, and know that I’ll bow out with nary a word of nastiness.


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